Slow Ice

An idea inspired by geological time versus mental space, a mismatch between the ageless and the temporal.

A group of “Glacier Drawings,” numbered from zero to ninety-nine, of the Glacier des Bossons. A flat frontal depiction executed from a collection of photo postcards of the same image. The tone of each image is slightly different, exuding a vertical ocean-like vibration. Rendered in two sizes, the glacier is drawn in reverse when numbered as a prime.

Time is a thief. An image of frozen space folded into the temporality of a glacier. The area between the skull and the lining covering the brain, dura mater, could also be considered as a miniature tectonic valley and a partner to this landscape.

A monumental drawing of a piano and stove made of ice, “Alpine Parlor,” ends the exhibition together with a series of “Woodcut Glacier Prints” inverting one last time the “Glacier Drawings”.


Slow Ice, Blacpain Art Contemporain
Geneve, 2009