Pilgram Boudoir


Pilgrim Boudoir gets its inspiration from “The Shrine Of The Pines”. A tourist attraction located in Baldwin, Michigan, that was created in the 1930s by Raymond Overholzer. His obsession with the demise of the White Pine Tree led him to craft from roots and stumps an impressive collection of over 200 rustic furniture pieces, all preserved in a handcrafted log cabin house.

Gun for Hire (2006) and Shrine Bed (2007) are imitations of Overholzer’s original furniture designs. I asked Toni Meier, a wood sculptor from Kriens, Switzerland, to recreate Overholzer’s craftsmanship as faithfully as possible.

Burl Grotto (2008) was also created with the help of Toni, a collection of burls, scavenged souvenirs from a fallen tree, were cleaned and outfitted with hanging hardware.

The Shrine Tables (2008) are a series of 11 drawings. (7 are shown here) The first drawing was scaled up and copied from a photo postcard of The Shrine of The Pines while each following drawing attempts to imitate the proceeding images levitating gestures.

                             Amy O’Neill 2010                                                                                                                                                                                           

Pilgrim Boudoir, Mamco, Geneve, CH  2010