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ZEB, PEC, and SOP are acronyms painted on the façade of the Swiss Institute, designed for the exhibition HLUSA. Chosen from a plethora of abbreviations exhibited on the inside of the building these are particularly poignant as they transmit the inflections of a jazzy Beat rhyme when posed together. Their meanings are: Zero Energy Building (ZEB), Private Equity Culture (PEC), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Holyland U.S.A is a video project completed in 2012 documenting fallow ground to holy land. Located in Waterbury, Connecticut. Holy Land U.S.A. was a tourist attraction that focused on the Bible and life of Christ. Today, Holy Land U.S.A. is a shell of its former self, due to neglect, weather, and vandalism. This film juxtaposes the remnants of a tourist draw and suspended states of mind. Devoid of sentimental longing for the past, the piece focuses on the idea that text and subtext can entomb us like pyramids.

Quilted Banners and Widow’s Mite are installed on the balcony of the lobby adding layers of “dura mater” to the exhibition. Referencing the area between the skull and the lining covering the brain, this exhibition’s “dura mater” could also be considered a miniature tectonic valley in Holyland’s landscape. The Quilted Banners are recycled quilt tops sewn with a velvet blue lining, while Widow’s Mite, the relief on the wall, is a replica of fossilized text found in the film.

An idea inspired by geological time versus mental space, a mismatch between the ageless and the temporal. The Wall Plaques, Wailing Wall and Pyramids in the main gallery attempt to bridal the horses in the hooves of today’s fragmented instant messaging culture. The film Holyland U.S.A was the inspiration for these “souvenirs” that included ancient Egyptian inspired architecture models, hence the pyramids. The acronyms and initialisms placed in the pieces come from a variety of sources: World War II military code, celebrity tweets, The NY Daily News, technical terminology and the Internet.

Swiss Institute, New York, 2012
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