Forest Park Forest Zoo    

Forest Park Forest Zoo
is a series of sculptures and a 16mm film that memorializes a deserted park located off a country road in Gallitzen, Pennsylvania, which combined a petting zoo with a “storybook forest”.

Today the original snack bars, barn sheds, performing ramps, rusted cages and old women in a shoe house are invaded by wild brush and on the verge of disappearance.

Realized for the basement exhibition tunnels at the New York Sculpture Center, plywood silhouettes re-imagine the original site’s architecture. The film pays tribute to currently defunct and decaying modes of homemade cultural production in the North American landscape. And at the same time document, as an entropic event, the disappearance of a place plagued by the bordering forests it takes as its namesake. These apparent contradictions between past and present, vernacular and global culture, the functional and the symbolic are at the core of this project.   

Forest Park Forest Zoo, Sculpture Center, Long Island City, 2007
              Crooked House